Our Partners

Quantrax Kft., owner of the COMPUTHERM® brand name and manufacturer of COMPUTHERM® products.

COMPUTHERM® digital, Wi-Fi and mechanical thermostats, as well as gas convector controllers, are market leaders in Hungary and Romania, and have significant representation in many other European countries. 

The products meet the highest demands in terms of both their services and reliability, and meet European standards and safety regulations.

COMPUTHERM® thermostats are easy to put into operation and ensure that only the rooms that are needed are always heated. Thanks to Wi-Fi thermostats, radiator and underfloor heating systems can be controlled remotely using a mobile phone!

COMPUTHERM® thermostats are the epitome of modern, energy-saving, yet comfortable heating control!

Smartopert Kft. was founded with the aim of helping those who want a smart home and the smart home the work of those who wish to install by providing the necessary knowledge material and the guaranteed quality through continuous partner certification. Smartoper certified partners always provide the best in their field, as they not only know, but shape the current market expectations and solutions. And those who would like to make their home smart themselves can get the best out of their home with the help of Okosotthon Guru.

MarketCom Kft. as the official Hungarian distributor of Shelly, the Sonoff brand, and SmartWise as the exclusive European distributor of the brand, it is available to domestic electricians, electrical contractors, smart home contractors, electrical stores, resellers and wholesalers, as well as online stores, in the quick service of Sonoff, Shelly and SmartWise products from stock.

Far from the noise of the big city, but still in a lively environment, we offer a unique form of relaxation that combines all the advantages of a vacation park and a family home. You can choose from 125 separate houses surrounded by the majestic ranges of Vértes.

In the park, an adventure pool, outdoor pool, wellness services, sports fields, and playgrounds provide unconditional relaxation. Our Aqua Plus villas with their own pool, sauna, and jacuzzi provide a unique private sphere.

Metrodom Kft., Metrodom Kivitelező Kft., and the other companies belonging to the group were founded in 2012 and in the following years by international investment companies that have been dealing with Central European real estate developments for decades. The companies belonging to Metrodom are managed by Hungarian management and have their headquarters and headquarters in Hungary.

Metrodom's main activity is residential real estate development, we delivered our first apartment building, the 93-apartment Mátyás tér 10-11, in 2013. In recent years, Metrodom has become one of the leading players in the domestic housing construction market, with numerous investments ranging from small condominiums to residential parks with hundreds or even thousands of apartments.

The Metrodom group currently employs nearly 150 people, but indirectly provides the livelihood of hundreds of families, and the operation of our residential parks has created a lot of new jobs. Metrodom apartments now provide modern homes for large families, and this number only increases every year.

In recent years, starting from the design of the smart home, through the installation, to the warranty issue of the smart devices, we have proven our competence in many cases. In total, we made more than 3,700 apartments smart, using approximately 75,000 smart devices. 

We are at home in the world of wired and wireless technologies. We help in the planning of the property's intelligent systems, or even in the implementation of the implementation, whether it is arenovation, construction, family house or complete condominium project.

It is important to us that customers know exactly what and how they can manage in their own homes, and we also want to get to know their individual needs and find solutions for them. 

We offer and search for complete smart home solutions that are satisfactory in all respects. We often work with design offices and general contractors, who ask our company not only to build a smart home, but also to provide technical advice.

SMARTZILLA intelligent solutions redefine how we live in our homes. By making maximum use of the IoT (Internet of Things) opportunities, you can save money, energy and time, and increase the comfort of your home. 

You can easily control your smart home lighting, music, locks, temperature, cameras and many other devices - all from the couch or even hundreds of kilometers away. Our smart devices can be installed easily, without wires, and can be controlled with a free all-in-one mobile application.

Since 2016, the Távvezérlés.hu portal has been offering up-to-date information and product descriptions of smart home solutions primarily based on Z-Wave on the square.

Current products distributed by the operator NEON Multimedia Kft. (with recommended Hungarian end-user prices), related news, a user forum and product support articles await the domestic audience interested in the topic. On the page, everyone can find the nearest Távvezérlés.hu installation partner or even a webshop where the presented products are available (including planning and installation).

On the closed partner page, you can find information about the training courses offered to future builder partners, as well as a separate installer forum and product support articles.

I undertake the smart home improvement of existing homes, without drilling and carving, the planning and implementation of the smart home network of new buildings. I think and work with a non-manufacturer-specific design. This means that I pay particular attention to the realization of the smart home with the products of the manufacturer that best suits the customer's needs.

If you would like to be our partner, contact us!