About us

What Do We Do?

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We install smart home systems in family houses and apartments, making them comfortable and safe. 

We develop smart home software that is reliable, user-friendly and can save you money. 

We build customized smart home systems, from needs assessment, through full stack implementation to operation.

Who Are We?

We are young engineers with many years of international software development and innovation experience. 

We love new challenges and love new technologies. 

We easily, quickly, and flexibly adapt to the constantly changing environment and boldly apply the latest technical solutions. 

In addition, we are family men and dedicated smart home fans.

Lángh Tamás Okos Otthon szakértő
Tamás Lángh, managing director and co-owner
Halmos Gyula Okos Otthon szakértő
Gyula Halmos, managing director and co-owner

Our Mission

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Our goal is to provide an innovative smart home solution that easily adapts to the most diverse user needs. 

We create value that increases the comfort and safety of the home and reduces energy consumption. 

With our services, we want to make the challenges of everyday life easier for our customers.

The Short Story of Yabune Home

We started talking about smart home solutions in 2018. It quickly became clear that there were plenty of challenges in the smart home field that we wanted to solve together.

Thus, Yabune Solution Ltd. was established by the end of 2019. The year 2020 was mainly about the development of the Yabune Home smart home software, gathering experience, and networking.

From 2021, all our smart home services are available to our customers.

Yabune home története

Where Does the Name Yabune Home Come From?

A „Yabune” név eredete japán, jelentése: házvédő Isten. A japán kultúra, az otthon szeretete és tiszteletben tartása, valamint a japán technológiai fejlettség, azok az alapelvek, amikkel teljes mértékben azonosulni tudunk. Mindemellett szoros kapcsolatunk van Japánnal, van olyan köztünk aki 9 hónapig élt kint.

Who Do We Help?

Every situation is different, but the Yabune Home Smart Home System provides a personalized solution for every need. Be it a 28-year-old man who wants his house to set the alarm when he leaves home. Or be it a 42-year-old mother of two who wants her home to save her time and energy, allowing her to spend more quality time with her children. Or be it the 55-year-old executive who wants the best possible air quality in his bedroom.

Why Choose Us?

Our software is based on the open-source system Home Assistant. It integrates the work of more than 7000 developers. 

Thanks to this, it is stable, reliable, and flexibly scalable. 

Almost any smart device from different manufacturers and brands can be easily integrated into it. 

Our smart home solutions are tailored to your individual needs. 

We will create your smart home system with you, so it will have everything you want and nothing you don't.

Contact us if

you are not experienced in the subject, but you want to enjoy the benefits of a smart home,

you don't have time to try every smart home device one by one and develop the right smart home system for yourself,

you need advice because you would like to create your own smart home system,

you have already installed smart home systems and would like to further expand your experience by working with us,

you distribute smart home products and would like to partner with us.


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