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Smart Apartment Building? Smart Office Building? Smart Hotel?

The Yabune Smart Residence is the solution!

We install smart home technology in apartment buildings, hotels, and office environments so that residents and building managers enjoy its benefits.

(Without having to employ an entire technical team.)

Yabune Smart Residence is for you, if

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You want a smart apartment building

You want a smart office building

You want a smart hotel

Yabune Smart Residence with its many advantages is the best solution available on the market!

Control Everything Easily from One Place

Yabune Smart Residence breaks with the traditional idea that each room or apartment is a separate smart unit.

Instead, it is enough to install one Yabune Smart Gateway (thin client) per apartment or room. The thin client communicates with the central local server via the pre-built network of the property (using wifi or wire connection).

Uniform Interface on All Devices

Residents can access their smart devices via a uniform interface (designed to the needs of the apartment building or hotel) using a phone, tablet, or laptop. You can add your own use cases to customize how the property works.

The operator can see the devices of all rooms or apartments on a central interface. They will be notified immediately if there is an error in any property. This raises smart services to a new level.

Centralized Design

Yabune Smart Residence also supports wireless solutions: Wifi, Zigbee or Z-Wave

Secure Systems

High Reliability

Easy Operation

Smart Residence Services

Yabune Smart Residence also helps in the planning and implementation of the entire smart home system.

Smart home system in 3 simple steps

1. Get in touch – Write to us and we will contact you.

2. Consultation – Based on the free consultation, we develop a solution adapted to your needs.

3. Implementation We implement what we have planned. We take your personal needs into account during construction.

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